At first, there was the beginning...

by sbash Email

To begin, there will not be a lengthy explanation of Bushido or tubers, if more information is needed on either of those two subjects, Wikipedia has great articles which can take you on a fantastic journey.

However, this is all about my journey.  Which I must admit started with the archived site located under the subdomain "first".  I am sharing my documented journey on my introverted nature, my study of the human condition in combination with the scientific method, and the basic shenanigans I create for myself.  

It took me four weeks to retrain myself to put my work bag at the other side of my office when I get in every morning.  The first week, I dealt with the frustration of putting it in the wrong place.  The second week, I corrected the misplacement.  The third week I put the bag in the correct spot.  The fourth week I acknowledge I had accomplished something.

Knowing this, the world truly is my oyster.